How to memorize the Quran and don’t forget that!

How to memorize the quran and don’t forget that!

Ramadan is blessed for everybody! I hope that fasting and prayers will probably be accepted by the Almighty. I feel there can’t be a greater time for this Ramadan publish. That is how I used to memorize him in the Quran at HIFDH college. I used this system to memorize the Quran, Al -Hamdiya. Till now, I feel that’s the reason I’ve run Taros for nearly 5 years till now, thanks.

Memorize the Quran

It will be significant to perceive that this course of is split into 3 classes:

  1. A brand new lesson
  2. New reservation
  3. Previous memorization

I’ll make a short introduction to every class, then present you the way to reserve it correctly in every fold. It will be significant to perceive that the memorization of the Quran in the long run is a course of that approaches a month. As soon as the Ayah is saved, it won’t be stable earlier than repeating it a number of occasions earlier than getting into the deeper a part of your thoughts.

New lesson

That is the place you can be saved from scratch. In case you are severe about memorization, you’ll have to observe the following tips as written beneath.

  1. Learn the web page 10 occasions whereas taking a look at the prime.
  2. Learn the first verse on web page 10 occasions whereas taking a look at it.
  3. Learn the identical verse now 10 occasions with out taking a look at it, so that you could observe it with none error.
  4. Begin connecting the ayahs. It was adopted by the first and second verse collectively with out wanting and with out errors.
  5. Proceed to join Ayaat to the web page. Everytime you join a brand new Ayah, return to the prime of the web page and even learn the Ayah that you’ve recorded.
  6. Once you attain the final verse, you need to learn the complete web page of the prime with out wanting and with none error.
  7. Learn the reminiscence web page to somebody. You will need to have errors.
  8. You’ll be able to repeat the above steps if vital to cease the good web page.

New Memorization

That is the quantity of the Quran that you’ve memorized in the final 30 days. Take this half critically, it will decide if the Ayaat you’ve gotten saved will probably be troublesome on your life. (Maintain / look at the Quran is a 25 -day course of. After these 25 days, the examination will probably be ample as soon as a month. This may lead to the “old memorization” that we are going to speak about).

  1. All you’ve gotten examined on this part, you need to learn it to an individual who memorized Ayaat or is an effective data of studying the Quran.
  2. In case you have saved 5 pages in the final 5 days, you need to learn them for your self in order not to make errors. Then learn the professor.
  3. From this level, every part you memorize, it should be learn every day. Once I say, learn, it means you look at with out errors and recite one other particular person.
  4. If you don’t revise for any purpose “new memorization” for this present day, don’t maintain the new Ayaat. You pour the water right into a cup with a gap. On daily basis, you don’t overview the “new memorization”, you open the cup bigger and greater in order not to keep in mind something! (If you don’t overview a seven -day step web page in a row, return to the “new lesson” and reformulate the web page).
  5. I look considerably extreme right here, as a result of I can not put significance on the quantity you want to overview the “new memorization”. It’s going to / will break your hifdh.
  6. Should you file one web page per day, you’ll end nuts in 20 days. After these twenty days, take 5 extra days to overview each Juz with somebody who mastered.
  7. Juz, which you’ve gotten memorized, will now be a part of the “old memorization”.

Previous memorization

That is all you’ve gotten examined for a minimum of twenty-five consecutive days. The quantity it has decreased depends upon the amount of the Quran that you’ve memorized. After getting memorized the Quran (which I pray quickly so that you’re making an attempt to memorize it), new classes and a brand new memorization will cease and discover themselves with the previous memorization. This may proceed for the left of our lives to demise.

1) Day by day examination

  1. Between 1 to 3 nuts, you need to overview 5 pages a day.
  2. Between 4-7 Juz, you need to overview 10 pages (which is equal to half of Juz) per day.
  3. Between 7 and 15 Juz, you need to overview 20 pages (which is equal to a Juz) per day.
  4. Between 15-20 Juz, you need to overview 30 pages (which is equal to 1.5 Juz) per day.
  5. Between 20 and 30 Juz, you need to overview 60 pages (which is equal to 2 Juz) per day.

2) Learn the nuts by your self, then observe it to the instructor / little youngster.

This course of will proceed for the remainder of your life.

3) In “old memorization”, you shouldn’t get greater than 4 errors, nor 4 of the folks concerned in nuts.

The error is assessed as studying one thing incorrect and the lack of ability to right it. The tattoo classifies studying one thing incorrectly, and is once more despatched like some Ayahs to right it, and lastly learn it appropriately. At the identical time, you need to make multiple error or stutter one for all 5 pages you learn.

Last notes

  • When I discovered a troublesome verse, I watched Mushaf and I wrote it someplace. Typically I additionally listened to the recitations to relieve memorization for me (I like to recommend my Bripfa). Typically the verse sticks won’t and won’t repeat it, so do every part you want to save!
  • Should you discover just a little in the previous memorization, there’s nothing improper with that. Don’t miss two to three days at the identical time. Studying the Quran is a enterprise for all times.
  • The examination is extra vital than memorization.
  • Concentrate on mastery of “new lesson” and “new memorization”.
  • Should you really feel an unwavered half, give the choice to overview this half moderately than saving one thing new.
  • Learn one thing on daily basis. Not solely ought to we do it as HIFDH college students, however our customized ought to be as a Muslims. I say, I don’t say: “I memorized the quantity of X of the Quran today, so you don’t need to read and think.” Take the time to learn and take into consideration a couple of verses a day.

That is the greatest approach I discovered it simple to memorize. I used to be written throughout my fourteen years of thoughts, as a scholar of the Quran, who had hassle memorizing the e book of God. I requested for the assist of God and I feel this technique was his reply.

I hope God will facilitate the memorization of his e book for all of you, and will bless you with Ramadan and he doesn’t forget positively like all the aims of your life are achieved.

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