Best Online Quran Memorization Course in USA For Beginners, Kids and Adults

Unlock the spiritual journey of Quran memorization with our specialized course in the USA, tailored for beginners, kids, and adults. Our certified institute offers personalized online classes, focusing on Tajweed, understanding verse revelations, and nurturing a connection with the Holy Quran. Enrich your faith and embrace the divine wisdom, regardless of age or prior knowledge.

Online quran memorization course in usa

Most Muslims wish to memorize the Quran to increase their faith. The obstacle that stops them from doing so is the certified institute. From where they can Hifz the Quran. In Muslim countries, it’s easy to find an institute but the trouble comes in non-Muslim countries. We have received so many requests to access Hifz Quran classes in USA. To overcome the difficulty, a Quran Memorization course in USA is introduced in our institute.

The Quran is the Holy book of Allah revealed to Prophet Muhammad PBUH over twenty-three years. And kept on revealing till his(PBUH) death. The Quran consist of 114 chapters that further contain verses. It’s only the religious book that is memorized by the people. The male memorizer of the Quran is called Hafiz while the female is called Hafiza. They are not scholars, aalim or mufti who know about Islam. They only Hifz the Quran and understand its meanings.

One who memorizes the Quran has an obligation to remember it throughout his life. If he forgets he will be punished in Duniya and Akirah as well. Hazrat Muhammad PBUH said:

عُرِضَتْ عَلَيَّ ذُنُوْبُ أُمَّتِي فَلَمْ أَرَ ذَنْباً أَعْظَمُ مِنْ سُوْرَةٍ مِنَ القُرآنِ أُوْتِيَهَا رَجُلٌ ثُمَّ نَسِيَهَا

“The sins of my people were placed before me, and I saw no sin greater than that a man should memorize a surah or verse of the Qur’an, then forget it.”

The Objectives of USA Quran memorization course

  • Learn the Quran with Tajweed.
  • Students discover the time, cause and place of revelation of each verse.
  • The verse they are studying will be explained(translated) by the teacher.
  • The students learn the Quran in oral form.
  • They’ll taught how to read the Quran in a good voice with Qiraat.  


The Quran memorization course USA is open to all age groups. Anyone can enrol himself in Hifz Quran classes. Mostly, suggested that the Quran memorization course should start after the age of 10. But we have seen kids five years of age complete the course. But the main requirement is that the person should read the Quran on their own. Besides this, no such requirement is needed. 

Best Online Hifz Quran Classes

Our institute is considered one of the Best Online Hifz Quran Classes in USA. In combined classes, some students move ahead, leaving behind the others. The classes are online and one-on-one. Every student is treated separately. There’s no chance of interruption at all. Student can learn at their own pace. The Quran memorization online helps the student to save time from travelling. Although recorded lectures are available, if any student misses the class in any case.

Teaching Method

Our teachers are trained at the beginning of their journey. The teaching method of the Quran memorization course in USA is quite satisfactory. 

  • First of all, the teacher recites a verse and explains it thoroughly.
  • Then, teach how to read using the Tajweed rules.
  • Now, it’s time for a student to read as the teacher has done it.
  • The student kept on reading until he read the ayah accurately.
  • Initially, the student read while seeing the verse. But after reading so many times, he reads orally.
  • The lesson you learned a month or a few weeks ago is revised daily.
  • As well as the freshly learned lesson two or three days before is also revised.
  • Through the revision process, you can Hifz the Quran in a better way. 

Levels of Memorization

Usually, four levels of memorization are discussed:

  • Juz’ Amma
  • Juz’ Tabarak
  • Selected Surahs/ Ajzaa
  • The Whole Quran (Ijazah)

Juz’ Amma: Juz’ Amma is the memorization of the last para of the Quran. From surah An-Naas to Al Balad in a few sessions and then from surah Al Balad to Amma. 

Juz’ Tabarak: It’s the memorization of twenty-nine para that contain beneficial surahs. 

Selected Surahs/ Ajzaa: It’s the memorization of selected surahs or material from the Quran.

Ijazah: Ijazah is the whole memorization of the Quran. It’s an advanced level usually offered after completing the upper three sessions. 

Quran Memorization Programs

The Quran memorization programs are introduced so that each student can choose a program that works for him/her.

Quran Hifz for Kids

It’s a difficult task to busy the kids in any activity without their will. To make the classes more interesting, animated letters are made. Moreover, kids are not burdened in classes. Even they can take classes at the time of their convenience.  

Quran Hifz for Adults

Adults having the busiest schedule can arrange the classes in their leisure time. Adults can learn the Quran quickly. 

Quran Hifz for Ladies

Ladies are the ones who have no time even for themself. Classes on weekends can be arranged or at any time that suits them.

Quran Hifz for Beginners

A higher number of students chose this category to learn from basics. The student may complete the course sooner or later.

Quran Memorization test

Memorization tests are taken regularly. The progress of the student is uploaded so that each student gets to know how much hard work is needed to compete with other students. After completion of the Quran memorization course, the test of the whole Quran is taken. Passing this test leads them to obtain the Quran memorization certificate.

We divide our class in 3 sections:

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it’s not. You can’t force a Muslim to Hifz the Quran. It’s a Sunnah, not Fard. More important is to follow its teachings than memorization.

If you want not to forget the Quran, then make a habit of daily reading the Quran.

Yes, IQ level increases. Memorization of the Quran contributed 15.29% to IQ variability.

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