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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s pretty simple. There are many Quran learning platforms available on the Internet. However, not all of them are equally effective. To find the best Quran learning platform, you can research and compare various platforms to find out which will suit your personal needs and requirements best. Explore the different websites that offer free trial lessons to determine which website is best for you.

To find the best website for you, please enroll in their free trial lessons by checking out their course offerings and signing up for a one or two – day trial.

Firstly, you will have to register by clicking on the free trial. We offer three trial classes in which you will be given free of cost live classes by our tutor. Afterwards, if you are satisfied with our teaching methodology, you can enroll in the full course and the classes will be conducted on the mutually agreed-upon timetable.

Yes, you can. You can choose from any time to your convenience. We will do our best to provide the best teachers at that time in order to serve the students’ convenience.

In 1 to 1 classes, the duration of each class depends on the complexity of the course. Almost all classes are 30 minutes each, other than the complex classes of Quran memorization and translation. Besides, only-weekend classes are also often 45 minutes each.

No, the duration of a course varies according to three factors. One is the curriculum of the course. Second is the class frequency, i.e. how many days per week the student takes class. And the third is the past knowledge and ability of the student to grasp the course material.

The fundamentals Noorani Qaida course is completed within 3 to 4 months by adults and the full Quran recitation course takes around 10 months to a year by adults if they take 5 classes per week. 

And when it comes to children, it largely depends on their level of competency, personal dedication, and the support of their parents. Dedication and parental support observation is a must for kids to keep up the number of their class attendance.

You only need any device which is connected to a reliable internet. The device can be a PC, desktop, laptop, tablet or a mobile phone.

For software, you will need to install either zoom or Skype on your device and make an account on it. Then the teacher will call you regularly on the mutually decided class timetable.

In short, only three things are required:

  • PC or a smartphone
  • Internet connection
  • Video call software like Skype or Zoom

Yes, only the rudimentary knowledge of using the internet is enough to join in your first online Quran class. We have done our best to make the process of taking online Quran classes as easy as possible. Our tutor will guide you through the installation process of the software. And after taking your first classes, you will become an expert at this yourself, inshaAllah.

What you actually have to do will be to make a call with your tutor on Skype or Zoom. Afterwards, the lessons you will take will be directly shared through the website with just a click of a button.

It’s very easy. We have set up a standard of conducting one parent teacher meeting every month. This helps keep the parents informed and well aware of their children’s performance.

Besides, we also share a complete report of their academic progress every 3 months, i.e. every quarter of the year.

Even after making these schedules, we strongly recommend parents to sit with their kids during actual classes from time to time to maximize the efficiency of regular classes.

Yes, we have a very strict recruitment process and only recruit teachers with proper skills in Quran recitation. All tutors have considerable experience in the field of Quran and Islamic studies from well-known institutions. Moreover, our tutors only take classes with modern patterns which are well researched and optimized by the organization.

No, it isn’t required to take classes from the very beginning. It can hurt the enthusiasm of the learner. The fundamentals of Tajweed can also be learned from the very Surah you left your past course.

There are 6 ways you can pay your monthly fees:

  • Wire transfer
  • Western Union
  • Direct deposit in our bank using IBAN
  • Payoneer
  • Transferwise
  • PayPal

For further details on how to pay the fees, you can discuss with your tutor.