Best Online Quran Translation and Tafseer classes in USA

Explore the essence of the Quran with our leading Online Quran Translation and Tafseer Classes in the USA. Delve into Quranic principles with experienced teachers and gain insights into each verse. Suitable for those 16+, this course offers a rich blend of modern teaching methods and engaging activities. Enroll today for an enlightening Quranic journey.

Best online quran translation and tafseer classes in usa

Islam is a growing religion all over the world. Majority of the Muslims live in USA and thousands of people are converting to Islam. The reason behind it is Islam is a peaceful religion and gives us answers to all the questions. The people want to read the Tafseer of the Quran to understand its teachings. Therefore, Tafseer classes in USA have been introduced. 

Tafseer is explaining or disclosing the Quranic text. It helps to better comprehend and apply the Quran’s principles. Allah has given every aspect of life in the Quran. If we follow the Quran, it proves to be useful for us in duniya and akhirah. 

The Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. He(PBUH) was the first mufassir of the Quran. As the ayah reveals to him(PBUH), he calls his companions and tells them about it. The Quranic verses were brought by an angel named Hazrat Jibril. The first verse that was revealed to Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH) was: 

 ٱقْرَأْ بِٱسْمِ رَبِّكَ ٱلَّذِى خَلَقَ‎- خَلَقَ ٱلْإِنسَٰنَ مِنْ عَلَقٍ-‎ ٱقْرَأْ وَرَبُّكَ ٱلْأَكْرَمُ-‎ ٱلَّذِى عَلَّمَ بِٱلْقَلَمِ‎- عَلَّمَ ٱلْإِنسَٰنَ مَا لَمْ يَعْلَمْ‎

 “Read: In the name of Allah Who created, Created man from a clot. Read: And Allah is the Most Generous, Who taught by the pen, Taught man that which he knew not.” 

At this time, Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) was forty years and it almost took twenty-three years to complete the revelation. Two types of Tafseer are discussed: 

  • Tafsir bill-Ma’thur (or Tafsir bi-Riwayah)
  • Tafsir bi-Ra’y (or Tafsir bi’d-dirayah)  

It’s tough for a person to understand the tafseer on its own. Many scholars are performing this task. In our Quran tafseer classes, teachers explain each word to students and make sure that each student understands it. Our teachers are well-trained, polite and have a strong grip on the Arabic language. Unfortunately, if a mishap occurs during classes, you can complain to the authorities. Although it never happened.

The Objective of Tafseer Classes USA

  • The student will get to know about the History of Islam.
  • They will be able to make a difference between good and bad.
  • They will get to know what’s written in the Quran.
  • The wars will be explained and how Prophets sacrifice their lives for the sake of Islam.
  • The students will be able to translate the verses on their own. 
  • Students will gain insight into the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) life.
  • Ethical and societal values will be given to students.

Course Syllabus 

  • Verbal translation of Quranic verses.
  • Easy translation of the Quran by Mufti Taqi Usmani.
  • Ma’ariful Quran by Mufti Muhammad Shafi Usmani.
  • Bayan-ul-Quran by Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanawi.

Duration to complete

There is no specific time duration to complete the Tafseer course in USA. The capability changes from student to student. The students with higher IQ(intelligence quotient) levels have greater chances of completing the course. It doesn’t mean that the students with low IQ levels can’t enrol. But the difference lies in the completion span. 

Initially, the interaction is developed between students and the teachers. The lesson is kept low so that students become used to it. After some time, the lesson kept on increasing day by day. 
The classes are taken online. The students connect with Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype or Google Meet. In the online Tafseer course, the students are taught separately. If a student does not understand the lesson, extra classes are arranged for him. The online Tafseer classes in English and Urdu are also available. At the end of Tafseer classes in USA, a test of short Tafseer of the Quran is taken. And a certificate is given.    

Age Limit

Age is necessary for enrolling in the Tafseer course. Anyone can register and benefit whose age is above 16. It’s because kids are unable to read Tafseer. People over 16 easily understand the teachings of the Quran and practise them in life. 

The Pre-Requirements of USA Tafseer Classes

The main requirement is the student must read the Quran on their own. It’s an interpretation course not a Quran Reading course. The people who are new to Islam can take the course. If they don’t know Quran reading, the foremost step is to enrol in a Quran reading course. They can pick up teachings and seek guidance quickly. 

The student should know the basics of Islam. The problem he wants to discuss should be known in advance. And the last requirement is having a strong internet connection.

Teaching Method

  • First of all, the teacher reads a Quranic verse and translates it letter by letter. Then explain the verse in simple words.
  • If an ayah points to a particular incident, the whole story is narrated to the students.
  • If any question arises, the teacher gives the answer.

Teachers also keep an eye on the students that they are doing their given work. A test is taken on a daily basis where students have to explain the ayah.


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Learning Outcomes

  • Over 37 lectures and 55.5 hours of content!
  • Testing Training Included.
  • Learn Software Testing and Automation basics from a professional trainer from your own desk.
  • Information packed practical training starting from basics to advanced testing techniques.
  • Best suitable for beginners to advanced level users and who learn faster when demonstrated.
  • Course content designed by considering current software testing technology and the job market.
  • Practical assignments at the end of every session.
  • Practical learning experience with live project work and examples.

What Will You Learn?

Each dot, letter, and word of the Holy Book is enriched with comprehensive meanings and explanation. Humanity will keep exploring the meanings of Quran and improving its world and hereafter. Here are some important aspects and areas that you will cover in this course.

  • The cause/s of the revelation of each Surah
  • The central idea of each Surah
  • The time, place, and context of the revelation of each verse and Surah
  • The significance of the Surah
  • Multiple lessons extracted from each Surah
  • How to apply the principles and commandments of the Holy Quran.

Learn Tafseer ul Quran with Latest Pedagogical Techniques

Online Quran learning is the rewarding step of the current era. It allows you to apply modern teaching techniques conveniently. We know that the conventional teaching methods are fading fastly and have been replaced by the latest unique styles.

Also, these techniques are result-generating and the instructors can easily assess that the lesson being taught is leaving a sound effect on the students’ minds and hearts.

Fun and Brain-Storming Activities

The student’s learning is assessed through various techniques. Following one typical method, the kids may feel unexcited, but we explore those fun techniques that play well to boost the interest of our dear students. Let’s have an overview.

Their feedback shows that the following activities and quizzes make the kids’ lessons more enjoyable and fun-oriented.

  • Tracing
  • Matching
  • Coloring the right answers
  • Drawing
  • Filling in the blanks
  • Choosing the correct answers from multiple options.
  • Puzzles

During online Quran classes, the students are given free hand to share their feedback and suggestions of what teaching methodology appeals to their minds and inspires them to learn and understand their lessons as quickly as possible.

Sum Up

So learning the Holy Quran with us is no less than an exciting and inspiring experience. We can proudly say that our students never lose motivation during their journey of Quran online learning. Instead, they share their inspiration with their fellow beings. It’s another reason why more and more western audience is trying to explore our online Quran academy.

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Tafseer at-Tabari” by at-Tabari is considered one of the best Quran for Tafseer.

Tafeer is the interpretation or explanation of the Quran. While Tajweed is the correct pronunciation of the Quran.

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