Why we love Qur’an for our children?

Why we love quran for our children

The explanations – the truth is – are many… and maybe the next are a few of them:

Structure for a Muslim

As a result of the Holy Qur’an is the thoughts of the believer, and the structure of his life. After which they by no means went astray. This holy guide tells us the best way to stay our life briefly from the larger issues of deciding the festivals and sorrowful occasions and the methods to rejoice our competition to the minor particulars of on a regular basis life.

Non secular connection

As a result of the Holy Qur’an is the very best factor that establishes within the soul the idea in God and the Final Day, the very best that opens as much as the thoughts the horizons of science and human data, the very best that pours into the center with the return of peace and contentment, and the very best that we can say to our Lord within the calm of daybreak. The kid’s coronary heart is tied to the Qur’an and he opens his eyes to its verses, for he won’t know a precept he believes in aside from the rules of the Qur’an, and he won’t know a laws from which he can draw solely the Qur’an, and he won’t know a balm for his soul and a treatment for himself besides reverence for the verses of the Qur’an… Then the dad and mom will attain their desired aim in forming the kid spiritually. And getting ready it religiously and morally”


As a result of the Holy Qur’an is “the eternal divine message, the repository of thought and awareness, the method of righteousness, guidance, and the measure of purity and authenticity”… If the kid loves it, that could be a assure (God willingly) for his steering, integrity, broad horizons, purity of his coronary heart, and ample data.

Entrenchment with the holy guide

“Because if the Holy Qur’an assumed a great position in the hearts of our children, they grew up on that, and perhaps some of them would become a judge, a minister, or a president, so he would make the Great Quran a constitution and a platform for him, after his love was entrenched in himself since childhood.” 

Purity of tongue

As a result of the kid’s love for the Qur’an helps him to memorize it, and maybe this protects the kid, not solely from the evils of this world and the Hereafter, but additionally from the obscenities of the tongue…. So a mouth speaks the phrases of God and preserves it, and he refrains from uttering insults, backbiting, mendacity and all different pests of the tongue.

Our duty

As a result of our kids are our duty, God Almighty and His Noble Messenger have enjoined them on us, and we will ask about them on the Day of Resurrection, and the hadith of the Messenger of God, might God bless him and grant him peace, suffices us:

“It is enough sin for a person to neglect those who depend.”

Al Hadith

Loss could also be ethical, it could be non secular, it could be psychological, or it could be materials – might God shield us and also you from the evil of losing our kids – and we won’t discover something safer than the Qur’an that we transmit to the minds and souls of our kids with a view to shield them from all types of loss!!!!

Preservation from harmful ideas

As a result of the reminiscence of the kid is a clean web page, if we don’t fill it with helpful data, it is going to be crammed with what is accessible!!! If the kid loves the Noble Qur’an, his understanding turns into straightforward for him, which generates in him a repertoire of ideas and knowledge that allows him to sift by way of and purify the harmful ideas that invade his thoughts from in all places.

Nurture obedience

Quran for our children

As a result of we are approaching – or we have already approached – the time that the Beloved Prophet Muhammad, might God bless him and grant him peace, informed about: that “the slave woman gives birth to her nurturer”, which means that the daughter offers together with her mom as if she had been the mom!!!! Maybe the love of the Quran within the hearts of youngsters will ease the severity of their disobedience in the direction of their dad and mom at the moment.

Sadaqa-Jariya (ongoing charity)

As a result of if our kids liked it and understood it, then acted upon it, and brought on others to love it… that was ongoing charity within the scale of the dad and mom’ good deeds till the Day of Judgment, the day when the Muslim is in dire want of 1 good deed that weighs his steadiness.

Care and Self-discipline

As a result of this little youngster is small within the eyes of individuals, however he’s massive with God, he’s considered one of His little servants, so it’s his proper that we ought to respect him, and provides him his proper of care and self-discipline… And he, peace and blessings of God be upon him, stated:

“Discipline your children with three qualities: (1) The love of your Prophet, (2) the love of his family, (3) and the recitation of the Qur’an, for the bearers of the Qur’an will be in the shade of the Throne of the Most Merciful on the Day when there will be no shade but His, along with His prophets and His pure ones.”

Narrated by al-Tabarani

Their races and languages, and our kids – once they develop up – are in nice want of being related to numerous Muslims within the east and west of the earth, at a time when assaults on the Islamic faith and Muslims intensified from in all places!!!!

Quran for our children
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