Course overview

This course, “Quranic Arabic Course” teaches you how to read and write the Arabic language. You’ll learn how to pronounce and understand the language while you’re reading and writing as well, How to use the Arabic language in daily life. What are the benefits of learning Arabic? Why do we learn Arabic? What is the difference between Arabic and other languages? All these lessons can be found in the course for those who want to learn Arabic or are already learning it.

There are many benefits to learning Arabic. If you study the Quran, you will get many benefits. First of all, learning Arabic makes you feel better. It is a nice language to learn because it is easier to pronounce. You can use it to express yourself easily. When you speak to an Arabic speaker, he or she will understand what you are saying. You can learn the language and communicate with anyone. The Arabic language is different from other languages in that it has been around for a long time. It was used during the first century BC in Africa and Asia and it is still in use today. If you want to learn more about it, this is a great way to start.

The Arabic language is used in prayers. So, if you learn Arabic, you can understand prayers. You can also understand Islamic traditions in the Arabic language. You can understand what the prophet Muhammad said, what the Quran says, what the hadiths (teachings of the prophet) say. All this information is contained in the Holy Quran. If you know how to speak Arabic, you can ask questions about Islam. You can learn more about Islam and about the Muslim religion. You can find out about different prophets and how they lived their lives.

The Quran is not a single book, but rather it’s a collection of 114 chapters.  These chapters are called surahs. Each surah consists of verses. There are 114 surahs, each of which is meant to teach some form of spiritual truth to the reader. The Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, over a period of 23 years by the angel Gabriel.

When learning the Quran, it’s important to first understand the Arabic alphabet and how it should be pronounced. This way you don’t end up sounding like you’re trying to speak in a foreign language. Arabic alphabet letters are arranged in a specific order, and they represent consonants. The order of these letters goes from top to bottom, right to left. This order is called the ‘hijra’, which means “to move” or “to travel.” The word ‘hijra’ comes from the Arabic verb “hajar,” meaning “to travel,” “to go,” or “to take action.” This is also the reason why when you start learning to read the Quran, you’ll start by reading the Quran in the roman alphabet first, before moving on to the Arabic script.

Course objective

  • Enable students to read the Quranic script efficiently
  • and understand basic concepts of the Arabic language.
  • Understand the diversity of this miraculous. (Quran)
  • Learn the Arabic alphabet.
  • Familiarize themselves with the basic structures of Classical Arabic.
  • Understand the Quran

Course Syllabus

  • Basic Arabic Books 
  • Azkaar and Supplications with meanings as narrated from Holy prophet (peace be upon him)
  • Prayers with meanings (Salaat)
  • Memorize at least the last ten surahs of the Holy Quran with meanings
  • Daily life conversation with meaning

Duration to complete

This course consists of two parts.

Normally six months are sufficient for the first part and one year will be required for the second part.

General conversation in the first part and along with some grammar, the last ten suras will be translated.

The second part will have advanced rules and regulations which are in little detail, after which the student will be able to translate by himself with the help of books and the internet.

Age limit for complete / pre requirements

There is no age limit for this course, but people between the ages of ten and twenty-five learn quickly, while kids and older people spend a little more time learning.

Method of learning

The teaching style will start with Arabic grammar in which the Arabic rules will be explained at the beginning and at the same time some words will be given for memorization. Similarly, students are taught what words are used in everyday life and how they are used, so that students can easily recognize them. They are then taught translation with the rules used in it.

With the help of screen sharing, our teachers will help the student to recognize the words individually. And they will make him practice words over and over again. So that they can use it well.


It’s easy, all you have to do is join today, and intend to learn

This is not difficult, at least not with the languages we learn for the benefit of the world.

Does it depend on how deep you want to go? An intelligent person learns the basics in two months, but learning can take up to six years if you go into detail.

Quranic Arabic is also known as the classic Arabic. The language of today will be slightly different from the Arabic language as the Quran was written in the 6th century AD.

Mandarin Chinese is the hardest language to learn.

Many people believe that Egyptian Arabic is the best Arabic in terms of pronunciation.

The official language or co-official language of 25 countries is Arabic.