Quran Classes and Reading In Canada

Unlock the spiritual and ethical treasures of Islam with our diverse Quran courses in Canada. From basics to advanced studies, we cater to all ages and levels. Experience flexible scheduling, engaging lessons, and knowledgeable teachers, ensuring a comprehensive and accessible Islamic education. Join us for a transformative journey of faith and understanding.

Quran classes in canada

Canada Quran classes have been introduced to gain knowledge about Islam and the Quran. The Muslims who have read the Quran but still somewhere there is lack. They don’t find an institute or proper guidance for learning the Quran in non-Muslim countries. It’s specially designed for such people. Irrespective of their age, anyone can enroll in Canadian Quran classes. 

Searching for the best online Quran classes is a hectic act to do. We have been conducting Quran classes for many years and have received thousands of positive reviews. Consequently, we found out that our academy is the best in town. If you are interested, register yourself and attend Quran classes online with other students.  

The purpose of online Quran classes is to share knowledge with the participants at their ease. Some students live in different cities of Canada and it makes them unable to attend classes. But now they can equally benefit.

Canada Quran Classes Course 

The courses we teach to the students are given here. Participants can choose the course that suits their needs.

  • Noorani Qaida course
  • Islamic studies course
  • Quranic Arabic course
  • Tajweed(Quranic pronunciation) course 
  • Tafseer(Quranic translation) course
  • Quran memorization course

Online Quran Classes Canada for Kids

Putting kids in a useful activity is difficult work. Because kids find items of their interest. Keeping in view the interests of the children, we have created classes that meet the interests of the kids. The classes start with basic 

Quran reading and gradually moving on to some extraordinary lessons. Basic Quran reading classes in Canada include recognition of Arabic letters, and Tajweed(correct pronunciation). Memorization of small hadith and ayah will be done for kids.

The quiz session is conducted separately and the winner is appreciated. While others who do not perform well have another chance to win the challenge. As the classes are online if one of the students misses class. He can avail lessons from the recorded classes. The recorded classes are fascinating with colorful cartoons and moving Arabic letters. So that kids read avidly.  

Our teachers are highly qualified and greatly know about the Quran and Islam. They understand and read Arabic, English, Urdu, Hindi and many other languages. The teachers engage with the kids reasonably. Teachers keep an eye on the kids’ daily work. If a kid makes mistakes in lessons, these are pointed out and advised to correct them.

Kids also get to learn about ethical values as well. They will be taught how to treat elders and parents. How to act in tough situations according to Islam? How to behave with animals? How to keep your surroundings clean? We teach them how to implement Islamic values in daily life.

Online Quran Classes for Ladies

Ladies are the ones who have a lot more responsibilities than anyone else. They look after homes and kids as well as some outside duties like grocery. Their schedules are so packed that they don’t even have time for themselves. Online Quran classes in Canada for ladies are managed according to their leisure time. The learners just have to give information at which time they are free. The classes can also be taken on weekends. 

According to our observation, many ladies choose the Tafseer course to deepen their knowledge and understand the teachings of Islam. This does not at all mean that women can only choose tafsir or that the course of Tafseer is only for women. It depends on one’s interest. Most importantly, female teachers are available to teach females.

Quran Classes for Adults

Adults are now finding ways to become successful and fulfil their needs in life. Therefore, they work from day to night with full concentration and hard work. Adults want to be honest with their work. Along with that, they wanted to enlighten their faith with Islamic teachings. 

Today’s adults are trending towards science, they want scientific reason behind everything. Since the Quran is not only a religious book but also has scientific theories in it. In these classes, teachers explain the history, science, philosophy, etc. concerning the Quran. The youngsters can find answers to every problem. 

Fee Structure

The classes are inexpensive. You can manage to pay the fee without any tenses. Moreover, you can find here the fee structure for Quran classes in Canada.

  • Trial classes that are free of cost. First, you have to sign up yourself. If you find the Quran classes useful you can partake in further classes.
  • You can make instalments or fully pay the fee at a time. 


When you complete your course, you are given a certificate. In order to have proof of enrolling in a specific course.

Canada Quran Reading Classes

Quran reading classes are the classes in which learners will be taught how to read the Quran in the correct way. The students will get to know the basic rules of Tajweed. Quran reading classes for adults, beginners and ladies are designed individually. For people who can’t read Arabic, the Quran for beginners in English is accessible. Once they read the Quran in English, the next time they’ll be able to read it in Arabic. 

Easy Way To Learn Quran for Beginners

The people who are new to religion wanted to know a lot more about Islam. They should start with the Quran reading classes. They’ll learn to read the Quran word by word. Then move to the Tafseer course to know what Allah says in the Quran and how we should live according to his commands. 

We arranged the classes especially for beginners to stay away from difficulty. Still, if they are facing any kind of trouble in understanding, our staff is available 24/7 to help students. Last but not least, extra classes can be managed according to student needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Quran classes are one-on-one online classes to teach Quran Reading, Islamic studies and Arabic language. People of any age can join and learn. 

The best way is to practice and attend all the classes. Seek guidance if you need it.

Classes are conducted through Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, Google Meeting and many other platforms

Online Quran classes are hundred and ten percent safe for kids. If you find any inappropriate activity just inform the authorities. We didn’t get any complaints till now.

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